Grace of God


It was a difficult Tuesday as I headed to Evansville to see a doctor about being sick. I’d hardly slept over the last two nights and I was not looking forward to spending two hours in the car. I spent some time with my sister afterwards, soaking up my first day without Aedan since he was born, even if it was just so I could rest my weary body.

Although I didn’t really want to, I agreed to go meet my dear husband and son at my in laws home so that Andrew could take care of a few things. Within hours I was thanking God for his protection. That despite how dreadful I’d been feeling, we were in a safe home as straight line winds ravished through our small town. Knocking down trees. Tearing off roofs. Crushing cars and houses and trailers. Hail the size of baseballs rained down knocking out windows all over town.

We’d recently had an issue with our home insurance, and so for this last week we had no insurance while we waited on a check to get a new company. The worst damage we experienced was a short in our microwave and losing half our tree, which easily could have taken out part of our roof and kitchen.

Thank God!




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