I Like Bleach

I can’t really justify it in any other way than to say it makes things feel clean to me.  It burns and it scours and it cleans.

What is bleach?  The answer is simple – it is a dangerous chemical found in most American households.

I’ll admit, I’m writing this after doing laundry.  In fact, a white load that was done last night contained a huge amount of bleach.  It occurred to me last night that maybe I should actually look into options that don’t involve a chemical that is known to be so bad for people and animals.

Vinegar (and more)

This is my most recent addition to my house cleaning arsenal.  There are many types of vinegar that can be used for many different reasons, but we mostly use apple cider vinegar.  Vinegar disinfects without being harsh on your lungs, your home, or the environment. Along with many other uses it can be coupled with another great cleaner (hydrogen peroxide) to “bleach” out clothes.  Also, don’t be afraid to use a bit of lemon juice.


It sound so simple that you may think it’s a practical joke.  Once I started using cloth diapers, I used this method for the first time.  It was amazing to watch dingy fabric become bright and stain-free again.  To make this even more effective, use your simple cleaner from above (vinegar, peroxide, or lemon juice) on a stain and then put it directly in the sun.

Retrain Your Senses

I think part of why I have always used bleach is because it is what I am used to.  It is a familiar smell and sensation.  It signals to my brain that things are clean and fresh.  Instead of a week long cough, wouldn’t it seem more practical to have a citrus fresh home?

What are some of your favorite natural home made cleaners?

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7 Responses to I Like Bleach

  1. I know what you mean when you say bleach has trained our senses to smell freshness and cleanliness. We use bleach on our whites but that’s about it. We have turned to vinegar and water this year for many of our cleaning products and it’s been great. I think tv marketing has blown the cleaning industry to what it is today. I’ll stick with my bleach on whites for now but vinegar and water has worked for everything else. Good Post. MR.CBB

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  3. queenlbee says:

    I love bleach too, but because it is so harmful I use it sparingly. NEVER on clothes, and only to rinse out stains in my bathtub. It’s hard to let go of because it is such a common and convenient household product. You’ve convinced me to try vinegar though-I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  5. Ugh, I do love bleach for my kitchen rags and the baby’s bibs… But I know I shouldn’t. I use ACV for my baby’s diapers in the rinse cycle and love the scent (bye bye pee smell!). For disinfecting, I’m using Grapefruit Seed Extract, it’s supposed to be awesome! I KNOW it works because it cured my baby’s yeast infection in three days. It’s powerful stuff; I use it in the diaper wash, to clean my kitchen counters and bathrooms (mixed with a bit of natural cleaner), and to disinfect my baby’s hands after he’s been petting the dogs (diluted in water, of course).

  6. Nena says:

    As a Preschool teacher who had to be around cleaners all the time, I started using Vinegar for cleaning most things. It sanitizes if used correctly, and was safe for the kids to help me clean with. As a cat owner, it’s great at getting hairballs out of the carpet too. It’s so cheap too if you get big bottles from Costco or such.

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