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I Like Bleach

I can’t really justify it in any other way than to say it makes things feel clean to me.  It burns and it scours and it cleans. What is bleach?  The answer is simple – it is a dangerous chemical found in … Continue reading

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This Year

It’s June. This year has flown by and I blame that beautiful little boy that is sitting on the other side of the room.  What do I want out of this year?  The rest of this fast paced year.  I realized though … Continue reading

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Home Improvement

We finally started some major renovations and changes to our home. The above is our very large pantry that was previously an old worn out white color. Our whole marriage we have been in love with the idea of a … Continue reading

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I’ve Been A Busy Bee

I keep telling myself that I have a lot going on.  I started catching myself blaming Aedan, but honestly, I think I made myself feel that way before him.  I’ve been a busy bee… well… maybe a busy queen bee. … Continue reading

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How Do You ‘Change’?

Do you ever plan on changing and then magically find that you’ve managed to fall back into old patterns? No? Oh, neither do I. <.< >.> Right. The changing seasons are probably my least favorite time, mostly because it feels … Continue reading

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Backyards and Feelings

We spent last night in our new home. It was cold and it was on two old futon mattresses that we all snuggled. When I say “we all” I mean the entire collective Beadles household – Andrew, Aedan, Daisy (dog), … Continue reading

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Busy Bees

In the midwest (and apparently all over the country) there has been a March heatwave, and we surely have been enjoying it too! Last week we enjoyed some time outside with Aedan’s cousin, Gavin.  We made dandelion crowns and dandelion … Continue reading

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