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I Like Bleach

I can’t really justify it in any other way than to say it makes things feel clean to me.  It burns and it scours and it cleans. What is bleach?  The answer is simple – it is a dangerous chemical found in … Continue reading

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Modern Day Convenience

It was a beautiful and breezy day, so I ventured into my dark dungeon of a basement and washed some clothes. The exciting part (apart from folding because we all just loathe love folding laundry) was getting to finally hang … Continue reading

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I’m learning about gardening this year, which has been quite the challenge. While my mom was busy teaching my sister about growing food and flowers, I was trying to figure out how to join Women’s Football League and how I’d … Continue reading

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Day 7: Clutter Free Living – Part 3

I’ve been doing the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge over at Frugally Sustainable but I’ve been stuck on Day 7 for three whole days! I have a feeling that is a reflection on my clutter-filled life, I’m sure. For Part … Continue reading

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New Goals, New Year

This morning me and Aedan slept in, until 11:00AM! We both woke up pretty happy after our very late New Year’s Eve celebrations. During nap time, he gave me some peace to work through my New Year 2012 Goals. Firstly, … Continue reading

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“Fair” Dairy?

I just ate the guiltiest ice cream cone I will ever eat, and it really bothers me that I am back to wanting an escape from things that I really feel are cruel. We just visited a family-“friendly” dairy farm. … Continue reading

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