Some Advice On Investing

Every year it seems that I get the bug to keep writing the same worn out version of a novel that just doesn’t sit write anymore. Somehow it just doesn’t feel right pencilling the life of a teen obsessed with vampires without cringing.

I’m considering some writing workshops. Not the free kind.

the cheapskate in me just died a little

The kind where I pay money to communicate with people who are truly interested and passionate about what they do.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of “investing in myself”.

It’s rough.

Not only am I coming to terms with the idea that I don’t totally suck, but also that I have some worth. It’s hard to see it because I don’t feel like I do much with it. Sometimes I feel like an antique just sitting on a shelf, enjoyed by the few who appreciate it, but otherwise ignored. Maybe it is time to stop ignoring myself though?

“Invest in yourself” is a code of self love. For people like myself it is hard to accept and it is often confused with another word that invokes more negative inner dialogue. Selfishness.

The truth is that self love is not selfishness.

Selfishness is not caring about anyone but ourself.
Self love is caring about ourself so we can better care for others.

So I’m going to invest in myself a bit I think. This means time for myself more. This means money for myself occasionally.

Invest in myself so that I can reap some kind of personal abundance that can overflow to those around me. I don’t want my glass half empty or half full, I want it to be overflowing.

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2 Responses to Some Advice On Investing

  1. I know some writing places online where you can pay, or do free. One is called, if i recall, The Creative Writing Institute”. Though I realize it rarely comes through in my blogging, I actually can write half way decently, and I was involved with that particular place for awhile because I won a contest there, entered a 1000 word piece, they gave me a free course.

    They have those competitions quarterly I think, over a thousand people entered the time I did so its got a decent reputation if numbers mean anything. I found them helpful.


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