I’m Proud of You

(Donnie’s Graduation 2011)

I’m pretty terrible at communicating my feelings.  I think because I communicate with way too many feelings and emotions.  Things that are heartfelt come off as disingenuous because I have some terrible joke that makes everything awkward (thanks dad) or as incomprehensible because I become a blubbering mess of tears (thanks mom).

So tomorrow I’m either going to make myself sound like an ass or I’ll cry my eyes out when I give my brother a hug goodbye as he leaves for basic training.  I’m coming to accept that probably, at least for a good long time, we won’t get to spend much time together.

Instead of whining and crying about it right now, I just want to take the time to say that I am very proud of him.  My brother is a really great guy and I am so glad he is my brother.  He’s been an awesome uncle, brother, and when I’ve needed him a great friend too.  I’ll miss my occasional break from mommyhood playing video games (i.e. him kicking my ass at Call of Duty).  I know that good things are going to happen for him and I am so excited for his future.

As it goes, I will hopefully get to know his equally great wife before she ships out to basic training in October.

So basically I love my brother and I’m really proud of him.

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