I’ve Been A Busy Bee

I keep telling myself that I have a lot going on.  I started catching myself blaming Aedan, but honestly, I think I made myself feel that way before him.  I’ve been a busy bee… well… maybe a busy queen bee.

Is watching movies and sitting in the backyard busy work?  Ha, if only it was!  Then I wouldn’t have to constantly catch myself being lazy.

I was reading about time management and how many people in our society is desperate for it.  We all feel like we have too much going on for the fun and important things in life.  One method of calculating the time we really have to spend is by keeping notes on what we are doing with our time every day.

Do it.

Are you working non-stop and have no downtime?  Start to whittle down your schedule.  If you don’t have moments to be creative, to read a book, to sit in the sun, or whatever it is that gives you a moment to breath – shift your schedule open by saying “No” or by choosing to do things in an efficient manner.

Or are you like me?  Finding that downtime seems to take up most of your time?  Maybe our schedules are so *free* that we are trapped by the nothingness.  Personally, I feel like that is where I’m at right now.  I think it’s easy to compare it when people come into large sums of money and somehow manage to blow it.  Before they realize it, they are actually broke and in debt.  Sometimes time can be the same way, we feel like we have so much of it because we aren’t making sound choices.

Every minute of the day is like a dollar bill waiting to be spent on something that makes our life fulfilled and happy or spent on something that means nothing and adds nothing positive to our lives.

So if you had to spend your time like money, what would you spend it on?

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