Modern Day Convenience

It was a beautiful and breezy day, so I ventured into my dark dungeon of a basement and washed some clothes. The exciting part (apart from folding because we all just loathe love folding laundry) was getting to finally hang some clothes on our line out back.

It’s a hard thing, living in a world where everything is a switch and a button and a screen. Want food? Use your microwave. Want clothes clean? Use your HE washer and dryer (that costs as much as a used car). Want to watch a movie or television show? Just use your cable providers on demand feature and it’s all at your fingertips.

I had high hopes once we moved that we’d start transitioning out of this lifestyle just a little bit. Luckily, there were some things I didn’t get to choose for our home – like a dryer.

Of course, I can’t sit here and pretend like modern day conveniences don’t still fill my home right now. The previous tenants left a really good convection microwave. My freezer has the hook-up for an ice machine and maybe one day, an ice machine, I can dream right? Our Playstation 3 has some movie or game in it and will probably be used once a day. I’m typing right now on my laptop.

Unlike most days, today I chose to put off using any of these things until after noon. I did something that I don’t normally do, I cleaned our home, played with our son, wrangled in my ever growing zoo of animals, and spent time just dwelling about life.

I highly recommend it to anyone who finds him or herself glued to the television or computer screen or their cell phone.

Look at your day and pick on time when you’d generally use one of these modern day conveniences and make a choice to do it some other way. You may find yourself having more time to think or you could just save a few bucks on your electric bill.

Whatever the reason, just do it.

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