I’ve come to realize that I am a scarred individual, but I am far from alone.

I imagine sometimes that this blog is my way of comparing scars, but I think this goes for anyone who has ever experienced pain of any kind; our lives become one giant moment of uncovering our scars (or for some, desperately trying to hide scars) and swapping our stories. Sometimes we want to show that we’ve been through worse, other times we just want people be aware that we haven’t quite made it out unscathed.

I’ll confess, sometimes I just want people to know that I’m still recovering from my wounds. The scar is forming, but mostly it’s still open and I’m desperate for the healing process to speed up and leave a scar that can hardly be seen, even by my own eyes.

Oddly enough, wounds rarely heal by forcing them to.

In fact, they seem to require some T.L.C.

Tender Love and Care.

If only these three words were band-aids capable of being applied and forgotten.

Quite the contrary, they require time and effort and patience.

In the moments when my pain is overwhelming, I tend to brace myself for it to just get worse. I chastise myself for giving up and for allowing the pain to get so bad. Sometimes I get angry at myself and I just want to make it stop, by whatever means possible.

What I really need is to be gentle. To be treated gently by myself and by others. I need to show myself devotion and appreciation. For those of us with scars still forming, we need to take time to nurture our spirits, through devotion and appreciation.




We need to take the time to open our hearts to God and pray.

We need to take the time to open up the Word and let it fill us.

We need to turn towards Jesus and remember what it’s like to grow and feel healing.

We need to remember that we are never alone.

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  1. Dena says:

    love you

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