How Do You ‘Change’?

Do you ever plan on changing and then magically find that you’ve managed to fall back into old patterns?


Oh, neither do I.




The changing seasons are probably my least favorite time, mostly because it feels like the changes aren’t happening quick enough.  I loathe change if it means I have to actually do something, but I am a real fan when it is a natural occurence.

I am, however, constantly trying to force the latter.  By the time I’ve figured out how I want to change, I am already stuck back doing the same old thing.

Lately, I’ve seen this with my diet.  We have eaten Grandy’s, Denny’s, Taco Bell, and today some Chinese.  Okay, my Chinese is a new favorite splurge that I probably won’t be changing too much.  I only get it normally about once a month or so.

I’ve been feeling absolutely dreadful though!

So here is whats going on.

More plant-based diet talk.

Yup, you all knows what’s up.

I’m not talking going vegan, but probably lacto-ovo vegetarian, with only local sources of the lacto and ovo from family sources.  I’ve researched the argument for and against plant based diets, and I’ve really examined how I personally feel when I play around with my diet.  I have more energy and I feel more whole when I’m kicking out most of my animal products and I’m watching what I eat.

Lately, I’ve spent some time on Kitchen Stewardship and let me just say that she is awesome and has some of the best posts around for those curious about keeping their diet on the cleaner side of things.  I’ve really felt provoked to learn more about going wheat free, because she turned me on to some information regarding gut problems and wheat.  I don’t deal with anything in particular, but my husband does and although he’s had no official diagnosis, we have not ruled out Crohn’s disease as a possibility.

So I’m going to work on some changes.  I’m not really good at changing, but at this point it sounds like it will be one of my more organic or natural changes that doesn’t require much effort.  I just need to be buying the right foods.

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One Response to How Do You ‘Change’?

  1. Dena says:

    Sounds like what you need to do then! I will help as much as I can!

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