Discipline? Who needs discipline?

Oh discipline, you sure do cause me grief. If I counted on each finger the times I’ve sought you out, and then bailed for something convenient then… I’d probably being needing a LOT of hands!

Facebook was kind enough to shove this link, 5 Weeks, 5 Disciplines, 5 Challenges, in my face this morning. If I sound like I’m begrudging anyone, please know it’s my own lack of discipline not the awesome blog over at Women Living Well 😉

Name 1 healthy habit that you would like to work on establishing in your life over the next 5 weeks. It could be cutting back on junk food, fast food, or soda pop. It could be to exercise more, drink more water, or get more sleep.

This has been plaguing my sleep, so maybe if I commit to it, I’ll sleep better AND I’ll make a positive change.

I struggle with major portion distortion.

Normal people do not drink whole gallons of orange juice in a matter of two days.

Not saying I do that… or that I don’t…

…but let’s be real, I totally do.

So my challenge is to start playing around with fist size portions. Apparently the human stomach is actually about the size of a fist, at least that’s how big it is supposed to be. Then after I eat, I should wait about 30-minutes before going for more if I’m still hungry.

Who am I kidding though, right? All this means is that seriously I’d give up drinking OJ all day to get under 180 lbs 🙂

Care to join the challenge?

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One Response to Discipline? Who needs discipline?

  1. I love your post and I love OJ! It’s hard to break habits but we can do it together! Don’t give up and I’m so glad you’ve taken the challenge!!!
    Lots of Love,

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