True Confession

I’m a lazy parent.


That hurt.

I promise this isn’t going to be just a self-loathing blog about how much I get mad at myself though!

When I’ve considered doing something big, I have always spent hours reading about it. Which is wonderful, I am 100% pro-reading. Reading, however unfortunate this may be, is not actually going to fix anything. Reading about a vegan diet, the best way to start a garden, how to parent, and how to clean doesn’t provide me with a wonderful supply of organic goodies to feed my well behaved and played with son in my spotless kitchen.

*can someone please get on to creating something that will do that – come on people it’s called proactive! Get on it already!!*

Only those who know me in real life know that I’m actually very lazy!

(I know I’m not the only one pinning all the things I hope to do but never make time for)

Parents: How do you pull yourself away from the distractions we have?

Some of my favorite days have been when I’ve taken the time to get outside and roll in the grass with my son, but I realize it happens too little.

Also, I’m a huge believer in the key to discipline being consistency. Somehow though, I manage to fall into behavioral patterns which are everything but consistent.

This Easter has been fun, but I’m definitely reminded of some if my shortcomings as a full-time wife and momma.

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