Backyards and Feelings


We spent last night in our new home. It was cold and it was on two old futon mattresses that we all snuggled. When I say “we all” I mean the entire collective Beadles household – Andrew, Aedan, Daisy (dog), Isabella (cat), and myself. It was actually a pretty wonderful and fulfilling night.

Today we moved up a couch and a chair and some odds and ends. It is all so exciting, but for me it is also very draining.

For some reason moving just wears me out and sucks the energy right from mu bones. I’m terrible at it to say the least.

One thing I’m not terrible at? Sitting in my new backyard and pondering the future. I’m much better at being the philosopher and planner, than the initiator who puts things into action.

Still, my mind wanders…

I remember childhood so much because I had so much fun outside. I remember climbing, swinging, running, swimming, splashing, making mud pies, eating bugs (#YOLO right? Did I just use #YOLO in my blog? Yes. I’m too hip for my own good. Are you convinced?), and meeting and loving all the crazy amazing kids I grew up with.

I’m so thankful that we have a permanent home that will likely offer all of those opportunities to my son and future children.

I’ll confess that my faith probably faltered a few times, but God truly has provided.


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4 Responses to Backyards and Feelings

  1. Dena Momma says:

    BEth I did it again you were signed in on my computer I am who is So Happy for you guys your momma!! I love you I don’t know how to delete the other comment….

  2. Moving can be exhausitng – not just you. Good luck in your new home.

  3. nicole says:

    What a milestone for you guys! Congratulations! I’m starting to look into that part of my future and I never thought it would be such a difficult decision. I know the stress will be worth it in the end. It will eventually be a great place to raise & expand my family. You guys have many memories to create now! Have fun!

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