Goals For April

  • Pack 2-3 boxes a day.  We are in the process of moving and it’s important that I take time out of my day to pack up lots of things like books, clothes, kitchen supplies, towels, and general cleaning supplies since we will be spending lots of time at the house as well as the apartment.
  • Plan Aedan’s First Birthday!  This one has me excited, obviously.  I’ve never really planned a party like this before and I’m hoping his farm theme works well.  I’m going to make a few posts on what we are doing to fulfill the farm theme soon hopefully.
  • Declutter as we move.  This move is a fresh start for us, and that means that there are lots of things we won’t be bringing with us.
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2 Responses to Goals For April

  1. Remember pack coffee pot last. 🙂 Our last move, we had a garage sale and I rented a dumpster and filled it up a few times. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Haha, good idea! We have a french press so we’ll probably end up packing it back and forth. I’ve gotten rid of lots of clothes and there are just so many kitchen gadgets and utensils that I have no need for.

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