Day 11: Going Car-Lite

Have you ever considered going Car-LiteFrugally Sustainable had a guest post from Tammy over at RowdyKittens, who I just started following and I absolutely love!

old picture of andrew and his bicycle

I’ve had some interests in “car-lite” living for many years now, seeing as I was that little girl who pretty much always rode her bicycle around.  Like many things, I’ve never managed to follow through, rather I’ve just sat and admired the way that families I read about live.

Carfree with Kids is what got me really interested.  I’d been exposed to bicycles growing up and my parents lots connecting the carriages to their bicycles and then I’d hop onto my bike and the five of us would race away.  I’d never really considered what it would be like to rely on a bicycle for transportation though.

Especially not with kids!

Here is also a nice list to other related blogs.

Would you ever consider using your car less and finding other ways to get where you need to be?

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One Response to Day 11: Going Car-Lite

  1. Absolutely, we would find alternate forms of transportation instead of using our truck. I remember when I was younger I used to walk all over town. When I did own a car I still walked to and from work and to the gym and home. I took the bus to College and even walked it on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with alternative transportation you just need the time to do it. With more responsibility I can’t see myself doing it as often but certainly worth it for the health and money saving benefit.

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