Day 8 – Learn To Control Impulse Spending

That darn candy bar stand, the one that sits up by that front register that is always calling your name, it is attempting to force you to go with your impulsion to spend that $1.19 on a piece of chocolate.  For some people their impulse spending starts off in those small amounts that add up with the fifteenth time to a grocery store.  Other people find their impulsion to spend revealed by that expensive electronic that in that moment at the store sounds like they can’t live without it.

Oh, oh, oh…

Think home shopping networks that promise you grandeur if you just buy that special object that will enrich your life and somehow will be able to be stored in a small space.

Today is Day 8 of the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge over at Frugal Sustainability and that means learning to control our impulse spending.

You have to realize first of all, that companies WANT you to be impulsive.  It’s a terrible truth, but alas, it is true.  They want you to be convinced that what they have to offer you will improve your life in some way, even if really they know you will probably only use the product a handful of times and then it will lose it’s thrill.

So your best bet is to avoid as much as possible OR refuse.

I’m always worried about refusing to spend, like at those parties where hosts want you to buy products for a consultant to some business?  It’s totally okay.  I used to sell Pampered Chef, and in the future I plan on going back.  I just know that if I go to those parties that I’ll feel that overwhelming guilt to shell out money that right now has many more worthy destinations.

(In case you missed it, that was me alluding to another post that I’m working up to give you all about a big announcement for our family… )


Another thing I’ve learned from many different life events of my own is that you need to figure out if you have a trigger.

Are you roped in by the promise that you will lose 15 pounds in a week?
Do you love the idea that you’ll look like a model?
Does the prospect of saving 15 minutes in the kitchen make your fingers antsy to reach for your wallet?

These are triggers.

The sooner you figure them out, the sooner your can stop them dead in their tracks.

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One Response to Day 8 – Learn To Control Impulse Spending

  1. You’re right, you have to stop, take a deep breathe and ask yourself questions. I remember when I was younger if I understood what you were selling chances are I would have bought it. It’s no different than going to the grocery store hungry and buying items on impulse.

    Now that I am much more up to speed with my finances and have goals it’s easier to make decisions. You also have to learn to say no and not feel guilty about it.
    Great post.

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