Day 7: Clutter Free Living – Part 2

I’ve been doing the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge over at Frugally Sustainable, I’ve been doing this for a week now and I’m on Day 7. It is really great and I’d definitely encourage all of you to go and check it out!

My life is changing a lot right now and so I’m taking some time to post about what I want to do in regards to decluttering before a big move.

Firstly, let me give you this awesome Decluttering Calendar I found.

Now let me share a list of questions for figuring how how to declutter that I just had to share.

1. is this item something I use regularly?
2. if not, is it something I love?
3. am I keeping this out of obligation?
4. do I think I should love it?
5. am I saving this just in case?
6. do I have multiples of the same thing?
7. could something else do the same job?
8. am I holding onto it to fix one day?
9. is it worth the time I spend cleaning it?
10. could I use this space for something else?

Homemade Simple has a great list for Getting Organized in 30 Days that I am copying and saving and editing to match my life.  Can I just say this was a Godsend?

  • Day 1: Schedule. First things first: Block off time to organize each day for the next month and mark it on your calendar.

Tip: Need help managing your busy schedule? Make a dry erase calendar using a repurposed frame.

Tip: To keep entryway floors cleaner for longer, take care of tracked-in messes as they occur. Swiffer® WetJet® can clean better in 1/2 the time vs. a mop and bucket. Guaranteed or your money back.*

Tip: Try to load the dishwasher right after meals, but when you can’t, no worries! Cascade Complete® Pacs are tough on grease, leaving behind nothing but shine.

Tip: If you wind up with a pile of spare hangers, repurpose them as organizers.

  • Day 25: Purse. Put an end to digging around for that tube of lip balm! For the full how-to, read Total Purse Clean Out.
  • Day 26: Basement/Garage. Hang pegboards for stashing sports equipment, garden gear, tools and other heavy-duty items.

Tip: A deep clean does wonders for spaces like basements and garages. Give new life to grimy surfaces around your home with Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Extra Power.

Some more links that are full of great tips and lists and tricks for decluttering.

Oh wait…

I was supposed to work on my own house… right?

  1. Kitchen
    1. Kitchen Cabinet Refresher
    2. Life Hack it
  2. Living Room
    1. Organize Your Entertainment Area
    2. 30-Day Organize-athon’s Declutter Your Living Area

Stay Tuned for Part Three


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