Day 7: Clutter Free Living – Part 1

Over at Frugally Sustainable, I am on Day 7 of the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge.  Over in my real world, I’m still somewhere like Day 3, tackling the challenges of coupons and DIY.

I’m excited that on February 11th there will be a couponing seminar at a local church.  I’m hoping that me and a couple of my friends will be able to make it.

Two weeks ago though, I was surprised to realize that I only have three full months left living at our apartment.  This came as a shock because when we signed the lease I was 37 weeks pregnant and ready to just curl up into a cave and give birth, I was not in the right mindset to contemplate how long our lease would be.

Immediately, I realized that I needed to take on one particular problem for the upteenth time.


That abominable wall of clutter that is my life.

Room by room we, particularly myself and my amazing mom, are going to be taking on the clutter and facing the challenges that come with that – including that ever complicated “What do I do with this stuff now?” dilemma.

Give, Donate, Sell, or Toss?

I’m hoping to conquer it in the kitchen, then the bathrooms, then our closet (>.<), and then our bedrooms.  I take hope in reading blogs about minimalism and decluttering, so awesome.

The Minimalist Woman

Be More With Less

The Happy Housewife

Becoming Minimalist

What are your favorite blogs that discuss decluttering?

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4 Responses to Day 7: Clutter Free Living – Part 1

  1. Hope it goes well 🙂 As you get going, you’ll feel better. As you start exercising your “purging muscle” you’ll find that you are less attached to stuff than you thought. No point in moving something you’re just going to give away (or throw out) later. Good luck!

  2. Laura says:

    I de cluttered maniacally last year!
    I sold a 4000 square foot house, became vegetarian, bought land and built a tiny house of 89 square feet which I lived in with our four dogs until it was too cold.
    In fall, I moved in again with my husband to a 900 square foot house (both my husband and I work from home). I am a writer/painter and he is a math prof which I tell you because we both keep a lot of paper. I cannot begin to tell you how amazingly less complicated life is when you keep just enough cutlery, cooking things, socks x 7, one set of sheets/bed. We kept no frivolity except photo albums and one memory box. We donated everything. It felt good then, and it still feels good. Everything is so much easier and cleaner. Way cleaner!
    I hope that you get through this task as lightly as I did!

    • Elizabeth says:

      That is so awesome 😀 I am very envious of your experiences. We won’t be moving into a tiny house any time soon, but I love admiring them as a possibility in our distant future.

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