Day 1 – Redefining Frugality

I was looking at all sorts of websites and I came across Frugally Sustainable and her 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge.  I feel like it should be expected that I gladly accepted the challenge!  So here we go with Day 1 – Redefining Frugality.

I have this thought in my head that maybe I’ve got everything wrong.  I manage to apply this liberally in almost all aspects of my life, often times to my detriment.  Frugality makes sense to me, at least on paper.  Putting it into action in my life though, that is where the trouble comes in.  I have everything I need currently to be frugal.  Somehow though, I convinced myself that I am doing it all wrong and that is where I have trouble.

We are looking to downsize all of our possessions, part of our regular need to purge before moving.  So this all is coming in at the perfect time to start conquering this before we have to move out with a hundred boxes packed full of things that we don’t actually need and which serves little to no purpose.

Okay, maybe not a hundred boxes but you totally get my point, right?

The biggest misconception that I need to overcome in this challenge is the one that tells me frugality is extremely complicated and therefore I may as well abandon my goals before I even begin.  If I can’t do it perfect, why do it at all?

Clearly I have some mental impediments that I need to conquer!

Materialism is a bitter foe of mine and our relationship is full of ebbs and flows.  After losing 100 pounds, trust me, that new pair of blue jeans that fits like a glove doesn’t have a bit of negative emotion attached to it!  It is all love.  However, the closet I have full of clothes that fit from size 24 to size 18 and yet do not even begin to stay on my body; the clothes that I can’t seem to convince myself to get rid of… and for what?


I have followed the battles of people for years with their journey to escape materialism and so I know I’m not alone.  I’m tired of this though, and by what is so obviously bondage.  I never thought to look at it like that though, as a form of personal bondage.

Do you have any challenges or misconceptions about being frugal?  Have you made any improvements in your life regarding materialism?

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