New Goals, New Year


This morning me and Aedan slept in, until 11:00AM! We both woke up pretty happy after our very late New Year’s Eve celebrations. During nap time, he gave me some peace to work through my New Year 2012 Goals.

Firstly, I’m working through a great book to help me stay on top of my normally disorganized home.

Right now, I’m just learning more about time management and working on our kitchen. Regina Leeds is very helpful and doesn’t just give a how-to on how to organize, but helps you figure out and troubleshoot WHY you are disorganized to begin with.

Next, I started a new budget notebook!

Oh nerves! This is one of those things that can sometimes really freak people out. It is very important though and can really be helpful to being organized.

Now a few things on my general goals list for this year are really exciting!!!

  • Learn how to weld. My husband welds, but I’d really like to learn myself.
  • Make soap. I want to make my own bars of soap.
  • Make candles. I’m excited about this project because I live candles.
  • Learn to sew basic items.
  • DIY. DIY. DIY.
  • Eat more whole foods.
  • Plant a garden that yields food. I am pretty stoked about blogging about this.
  • Did I mention DIY?
  • Blog more! I have always wanted an active blog, but had a hard time following through, I’m really going for it this year!

Generally speaking, I really want to work on my “follow-through.”

What are YOUR goals and resolutions for 2012? . Post in the comments or link me to your blog post about them. Happy New Years!!

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4 Responses to New Goals, New Year

  1. Great goals! Gardens are so rewarding in so many ways! I look forward to your blogs about candle-making. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Happy New Year!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks! I’ve never gardened except for with my mom when I was going through that “I don’t want to do girly things like gardening.” phase haha. So I’m anxious to get started.

      Do you garden?

  2. My goals are a lot like yours! I want to learn more DIY things and take more photos 🙂 And blog more as well.

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