Weekend Wrap-Up


This was Aedan’s sleepy state when we visited Holiday World today, but that was after a long weekend for the little guy.

On Thursday, Andrew and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and then went to the War of Ages show. I hadn’t seen them before, but we both really liked them! Andrew got hit in the face multiple times and got a gnarly bruise on his arm. He also dislocated his nose a bit, enough to bruise under his eyes! This was the first night Aedan has been babysat before; while I was nervous, I still had fun.

On Saturday Aedan got to see all sorts of family members. My grandma had a Thirty-One party and then Andrew’s dad had his birthday party. Despite his lack of sleep and upset belly, He seemed to be doing well. I was pretty bummed because Andrew had made a mistake and didn’t claim his free tickets for the amusement park and his sister and her family were going. They called around 11 a.m. because they got extra tickets! How great is that?

So today Aedan got to go to his first amusement park. He rode a train, which as you can see above was a very serious experience for him. Then we road the carousel.

This weekend reminded me that I have an amazing and beautiful son, and I am very lucky to have Andrew as my husband. I am so thankful I get to spend my life with these great guys.

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One Response to Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    aww. he’s growing so much!!!
    I can’t imagine getting punched in the face even at a show. ow.

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