First Family Vacation


On Monday, we travelled north for our first family vacation with Aedan. We went with Andrew’s sister and her family. This was my first time heading so far north.


We went to Indiana Dunes State Park, which sits on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. It was more beautiful than I could imagine. My nephew was nervous of the waves at first, but quickly adapted to it and he loved it.


Once he got in the water, he was running around and splashing.  He was always bummed when we had to go back to camp.

Aedan was incredible and at 3-months old I could tell he had a good time. He was very well adjusted and took everything so easily, except for the car rides.


We got to visit Silver Beach.  This place was comparable to visiting any ocean shoreline.  There is shopping, restaurants, and just an overall awesome beach.  Apparently St. Joseph, MI is one of the top places to retire and to vacation, which I never knew until I went there and saw how awesome it is.


I feel very blessed to have traveled somewhere so great and I’m hoping we get to do it a lot with Aedan.  This was a really nice vacation for us.

Have you taken any vacations this summer?
How was it?

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One Response to First Family Vacation

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    aww that’s wonderful that you guys got a vacation!!! nice!

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