“Fair” Dairy?


I just ate the guiltiest ice cream cone I will ever eat, and it really bothers me that I am back to wanting an escape from things that I really feel are cruel.

We just visited a family-“friendly” dairy farm. It broke me I think. There were all these fun activities and then a birthing barn.

Now this farm, which shall be left unnamed but was deceivingly labelled “fair”, has a really great attraction called a “birthing barn”. We went into their and honestly, I was really hoping for a barn. Instead the pregnant mother cow who is feeling painful contractions was lead into a glass box and put on display.

I don’t know many moms who would he comfortable with being put in that position, heck, I could hardly stand all the nurses I dealt with when I had my son, let alone other beings watching me. Then we get to see the calves…

They are cute.
They are in tiny stalls.
They are being fed out of a bottle instead of their mother’s udders.

For every second that I was in awe, came a hundred more that left me feeling shameful and guilty. Each calf had a cute “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” signs in the socially accepted blue or pink. That was when it hit me. Sure those females wouldn’t be eaten, they’d just be forced to continually have calves. The male calves were going to be sent away though, probably raised for veal.

I wouldn’t wish this on any moms or children…

As much as I’d like to just become a vegetarian, too many animals are still effected by the dairy industry.

Sometimes I wish I could ignorantly enjoy it. I wish I didn’t identify with animals. I, however, do relate. We will see where this takes me I guess, I’m hoping to a place of peace. I would really like to instill a healthy respect for all living creatures in my son and maybe those in my life who have a hard time understanding my feelings.

I have a lot of freedoms. I know that to some it seems limiting to others, but maybe finally getting rid of animal products again will give me freedom from this sadness. It isn’t for everyone, and I get that more now than ever, but I just feel like maybe it is for ME and I think that is good enough, or at least it should be.

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